Breaking In

It’s been a while because I didn’t have access to internet, and I still don’t, I’m at an internet cafe. But I’ll get it soon…
Anyway, A lot of shit happened recently, most of it was good. My mom is coming for a visit on October 6th for my (Hebrew) birthday, so that’s gonna rule. She’s gonna bring all my books and my CDs. Thank God! I was gonna go insane without my music. She’s also gonna bring my guitar, thank God again because my fingers are burning for it. She’s also gonna bring her fantastic cooking skills, so for at least two weeks, I’ll actually be eating quality home-made food! Can’t wait! *drooooooool*
Another thing, the police in Jerusalem refused to allow the World Pride parade to take place on Sept. 21 (tomorrow) due to holidays (bullshit), so the Jerusalem Open House organization for the GLBT community went to the Supreme Court (!!!) and basically, the Supreme Court ruled that the Police is obligated to allow the parade but on a later date. So now, the official date for the parade is November 10.
Hopefully, there won’t be any mishaps, or rain, and the religious community will, by some miracle, decide to be a little less tight-assed about the whole deal.
In any case, I’m going to be in Be’er Sheva for the holidays. Rosh Hashana, Sukkot, Kippur and Simchat Torah. The boss of my new job is religious, which rules! I won’t have to make a fuss just to get my high holidays off.
More good news: I still haven’t seen any cockroaches in my new apartment. The only ones I’ve seen were only during the first two days, and all of them, all three of them, were dead.
I also got pretty plants for my apartment. One of them is a mini tree and the other is a cocktail in a pumpkin. The pumpin is dry so the tip of it makes for a very suggestive phallus, but the fung shuway is flawless.
Once I get internet at home, I’ll write more regularly and you might actually get to see some of the pics that I took.
Peace, love and the Hadass Foundation raising money for yours truely outlandish transportation expenses.

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