Pride and Privacy

I got my own crib! Finally!
I must confess, as much as I love my family, practically love them to death, I can’t stand living with them. My family is huge and I’m not exactly used to having too many people in my personal space (i.e. where I eat, sleep, and take dumps and showers). The only people I don’t mind having in my personal space are my parents because they have been in my personal space ever since I can remember. And even then, I prefer being alone in my own house dealing with my own business, having nobody on my back.
For me living alone without roomates is not considered boring or lonely. For me, it’s a matter of independence, self-sufficiency, and above all privacy. In my new crib, the only other living beings shacking up with me will be my plants (and potential critters, but not for long because I’ll kill them… assuming I gather up the courage to actually do it… ughhh)
Aside from that, more good news! Among all the bad news I get paid to read for 8:30 hours, five days a week, it’s worth mentioning that little tidbit (which some people might actually consider as really bad news tantamount to the Apocalypse, mind you)
World Pride parade in Jerusalem was confirmed for September 21! Hurray!
At work I have to go over the comments to articles to make sure they don’t contain any slander, incitement and foul language. So basically, for the article about pride in Jerusalem (which I translated) I read so many negative comments about how homosexuality is sick and it’s an abomination parade and that the GLBT community should be ashamed and they’re going to Hell and they’re infested with AIDS and all that bullshit. And this, from members of a supposedly open-minded society that supports freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. Not only that, most of them are obviously religious Jewish fanatics, but they’re Jewish nonetheless. And you would think that out of all minorities in the world, the Jews would be the ones to support a movement for tolerance and diversity, one that fights discrimination against a minority group. After all the discimination that Jews suffered from and are still suffering from today, you would think they would know better than to talk shit about yet another group that is constantly being discriminated against.
But nooooo! Religion got to their heads and made of them devoted homophobes. I am ashamed to say that many members of my very own beloved family are those very same devoted homophobes I am condemning. I won’t mention any names, you know who you are. For the sake of everything that is holy, please open your eyes and start dealing with the real enemies of the Jews and Israel who will bring about our destruction. And it is not the Gays and Lesbians who fight for their existential right to have the same rights as everyone else, but the Iranian madman and his nuclear aspirations, Hizbullah, Hamas, Al-Aqsa Martyr Brigades, Fatah, Al-Qaeda, anti-Semites, need I go on?
God! It’s not complicated! Have a toke and chill the fuck out. Go dance at the parade even, you might actually enjoy it. Pass the jizzoint!
Peace, love, and safe sex 😀

One thought on “Pride and Privacy

  1. hahah
    gald to hear you got a place of your own! you should get a rat!
    and i\’m totlay with you about the discrimination…it\’s so ironic…
    keep the posts rolling,

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