Yesterday, I actually got around to checking out some apartments. Actually only a couple and both were tiny, but really chill, sufficient for one person and I’m not exactly what you may call obese. Try underweight. My problem is I got a lot of shit. I mean, here I don’t have a lot, because I only brought a couple of suitcases. My problem is that I got boxes back in Canada waiting to be shipped over here. So basically, I don’t need any furniture because the apartments are fully furnished. But what am I gonna do with all my books and my dolls and my statuettes and my photo albums and all the other crap that has the sole purpose of sitting around collecting dust? There is no space in the apartment for all that. Seriously, that’s how small the place is. But like I said, it’s just what I need. A couple of plants here and there, and it’s totally livable, even cozy.
Anyway, I have other places to check out before I sign anything so I won’t rush it and I won’t wrack my brains about it until I’ve utilized all my resources and options.
Now to the FUN part of yesterday!
I went to see Funk’n’stein and Funset in concert at a club thingy called Barbi. Totally incredible kickass show. I haven’t had this much FUN since the Aviv Geffen concert I went to last summer. MC Karolina is an absolute Goddess, she’s so adorable and so laid back and down to earth, and connects with the crowd and feeds off its energy and the crowd in turn feeds off of her energy. It was divine! Her songs are so cool because you can like chill to them and you can dance to them too. Funk’n’stein was also pretty good, and the combination of both bands was absolutely tantalizing, I was licking my fingers.
Speaking of which, I’m hungry so I’ll go eat now.
Peace, love and lovelovelovelove loooove, lovelovelove PEACE! 

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