Should I take a shower?
I mean, what’s the point, anyway? I’m in Tel Aviv and there’s a bitch of a heat wave. I have a job interview in some place I have no idea how to get to with no one to take me there. I have a heavy portfolio I need to schlep with me all the way there (wherever "there" is). All are factors which will make me sweat and smell like I haven’t showered in days. So why should I shower?
I don’t like Tel Aviv. Even if the cocaroaches here are smaller than in other cities, it reminds me of Montreal minus the frostbite and the inhibitions. Even if working at Ynet would be astronomical, I doubt that I’ll feel at home here. I was thinking more along the lines of, oh, I don’t know… JERUSALEM!
The problem is there are not as many writing opportunities there and I have a feeling the salary isn’t great either. And although the weather is not as bad, the cocaroaches are bigger.
So besically, in my case, it’s not "Decisions, decisions." It rather boils down to "Decisions, decisions, cocaroaches, decisions, shower, city, decisions…"
Peace, love and the forecast shows clear skies with 100% chance of katuisha rocket showers.

2 thoughts on “Shoe+Roach=Splat!

  1. just passin by,keep on bloggin,:)hello again, realized you\’re over there, ~ near a war zone,that should not even be there, why they\’re not using anti-air missles, and no fly zone rules, et cetera, i dont know,… hopefully the U.N. and such will resolve this situation,the dynamics of the conflict appear more diverse than mere border dispute,and more to do with all other middle-east issues,as for shower~ go for it, while you still have running water or beach it, also more lemons and chick peas, more breaks~timeouts,and lite clothing,as for decisions~ education, goals and dreams, priorities aside from family,as for roaches~ ignore, they\’re like micro cleaners,as for city~Tel Aviv 2.5 million, Montreal 1.8million ~3.6+areaif you\’re use to lifestyle, use it to your benifit, if not, there\’s a whole world out there,…stay safe, and take care 🙂

  2. Lol bo, you\’re like some "indian" guide in a jungle somewhere: lessons on how to make the best of a rough situation. But I guess it\’s always good to hear how other people live, helps to make one not take peace/space/cleanliness for granted lol. Seriously, N. America\’s pretty sweet 🙂

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