Nana and Miklos

Aliyah tomorrow at 3:10 p.m.
Last night was my last night in downtown Montreal. I left at around 8:30 with two of my friends (we’ll call them T. and R. in case they don’t want their names here) for a final farewell night of happy-happy-joy-joy-forgetting-all-the-other-bullshit fun.
It started off with a big huge fruity milkshake at Rockaberry’s (not really downtown, but I’m getting there). Then playing pool at Jilly’s on Decarie (still not downtown, but that’s next). Then we headed for Cabaret Mado.
The milkshake was ok. A little too big for my stomach to stomach but very fruity indeed. Another one of my friends (we’ll call him J.) called me up while I was working on my shake and said he wanted to join us, but would take some time to get ready, and it would take me some time to try and convince T. to come with us to Cabaret Mado because it’s a drag queen club in the Gay Village.
So in the meantime T., R. and I decided to go play pool. I suck at pool but by some miracle I managed to sink enough balls for my team to actually win the game. By then, J. arrived at Jilly’s and joined me in my fight to get T. to come with us to the Cabaret. Again, by some miracle, we won, and he joined us.
I bet that T. regrets ever having considered it. The drag host picked on him during their show (because he was the odd guy out, not laughing at the jokes because they were all in Quebecois) and graphically demonstrated how she would eat his ass.
R., J. and I were torn to shreds, on the fucking floor, but T. was all red and not the least bit amused. I felt bad for having had a good time at his expense but it was so totally worth it! He turned to me and said "Thanks a lot, Hadass!"
Lucky for me, T. still has a certain sense of humor, in his own heterosexual way. So we’re still friends, and there’s no hard feelings.
In any case, I’m gonna miss the Village, and the Cabaret, and the rest of downtown Montreal, and definitely my friends. Another thing I’m gonna miss about Montreal is how you can actually breath in the clubs, bars and restaurents, how you don’t feel like every breath you take is a breath closer to getting lung cancer, and how you don’t leave the scene smelling like an ashtray. Every time I’ll be hanging out in a public place in Israel, I’ll revert back to those same feelings because EVERYBODY smokes in Israel! *BARF*
So anyways, tonight at around 1 or 2 a.m., my parents and I are leaving for Burlington. From there, we’re taking a flight to New York, and that’s when I have to tell them goodbye and leave for Israel.
Peace, love and I’ve got BAGGAAAAAGE!

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