Aliyah in 17 days.
Yesterday was Canada Day, so happy confederation!
I didn’t celebrate much. I went to see Superman Returns with a friend and we happened to catch a glimpse of the fireworks on the way there.
The movie was ok. The scene with the slo-mo bullets was somewhat reminiscent of The Matrix.
So there seems to be more comic/superhero movies nowadays, probably because people are running out of ideas for any intriguing plots. Enter the beginning of the end for the film industry.
Earlier on, it was music that went to shit when singers couldn’t come up with new lyrics and melody for their songs. So first, they said fuck the melody and came out with rap, then they said fuck the lyrics and came out with pop where the only thing that matters is physical assets. This is how "artists" such as P. Diddy (lest he invents a new name for himself) become famous for the remix and the sampling and the plagiarism and the destruction of music previously written by real artists.
Now it’s time for the film industry to destroy plots written by real authors and comic book artists.
But hey, I don’t really mind. My attention span is too short, and the only thing I read are news headlines.
I still think that male superheroes suck, though. Bring on WonderWoman and Aeon Flux and Tank Girl and Ultra Violet! 😀
Peace, love and Badass Bitch kicking ass with her 6-inch heels.

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