My Aunt Flo

Ahhh, how great is it when scientists and gynocologists keep coming up with new and innovative ways of suppressing women?
I mean, first the duck lips. Fuck you.
And now, enter the new era of no menstrual cycle. That great miracle pill that not only keeps you from getting pregnant but also keeps you from getting your period. And get this, it also keeps you from PMS’ing.
Fuck you harder!
The way I see it, it’s yet another chauvenistic conspiracy. Only guys can come up with shit like that. Thinking with your dick causes you to go out of your way in order to keep women from having their period so you can fuck them whenever you please, and we can no longer use the "mensies" defence.
No need to get your balls in a twist. Soon enough, they’ll also create a pill for men that will MAKE them menstruate. Or better yet, keep the birth control purpose and make a pill for men that will keep them from producing sperm. How bout that?
Heaven forbid. Women are the ones who get pregnant, so they should be the ones taking the pill, and suffering the side effects, which are curiously similar to the symptoms of PMS – including breast tenderness and depression.
I like getting my period, and I like PMS’ing, why is it so hard to understand?
It’s natural. Just like producing semen is natural for men, and sweating while fucking your brains out is natural for everyone, bleeding for a week every month is natural for women. Fucking deal with it.
Peace, love and bloody shitcakes!

One thought on “My Aunt Flo

  1.  I hear you, grrrl.
    Listen to this interesting tidbit about us FEMINISTS:
    Isn\’t the term \’feminism\’ sexist?
    "The term \’feminism\’ means "the seeking and assuring of equality amongst men and women". The definition itself is honourable, to say the least. Nontheless, isn\’t the femininity of the word sexist and hindering to the cause?Feminists claim to seek equality amongst men and women. Yet, they assume, by their own term, equality is best encapsulated by the feminine, (femi-nism). If feminism despises the uplifting of one sex above the other, why do they not associate themselves with a neutral term. Such as "Equalism/Equalists" ?In logic of their cause, feminists strive against stereotypes. They proclaim that society should not limit a sex with generalizations. Yet, to associate equality with the feminine, and excluding the masculine, is to assume women are for equality, and men are anti-equality or neglect equality. Thus, stereotyping against men and contradicting their own ideology.For this reason, the term \’feminism\’ has seperated men and women rather than unite them."
    In case you guessed it, that was written by a guy.I\’ve already banged my head against the wall. My head hurts and it\’s bleeding *uses a pad to catch the blood*
    >^..^< ~~Honeycat~~

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