You Know, Corn…!

Last Friday night was the first time (in Canada) that I didn’t keep Shabbat, but it was so worth it.
A couple of friends came by, we had music and a bong and crazy munchies, and it was all good.
In fact, I think that once in Israel, I don’t know how much of Shabbat I’ll be keeping. I mean, here it’s easy because you can keep Shabbat and still enjoy the weekend because you have Saturday night to get drunk and Sunday to chill and get over your hangover. But in Israel, you have to work on Sunday, so going out on Saturday night is no longer an option. That’s why the best parties in Israel are on Friday night, you get drunk and have the whole Saturday to chill. So that involves getting over the guilt of not keeping Shabbat, which is not that much of a problem for me.
My parents are coming home tonight from Mexico. They were there for the past week (and that’s how I managed to get away with smoking weed at home on Shabbat).
In a day, I will be a month away from my Aliyah, and in a month, I will be a day away from it. I can hardly fucking believe it. What I can’t believe either is how behind I am on my packing. I think once my parents will be here, we will be packing shit every day, and we will throw away lots of shit and I’ll be going on a sneezing spree because of all the dust and shit. I am not looking forward to that. And I’m also not looking forward to unpacking all that shit once I get to Israel.
I wish I could just fast forward to the part in my life where I’m all settled and comfortable, with enough cash in my savings account, and a good job with nice people, a chill house with heating and air conditioning, and maybe even a cleaning lady. I also wish to rid my jaw of this fucking speech impediment I have whenever I speak Hebrew. I mean, I’m fluent and all but I think much slower when I speak Hebrew, unless I’m angry, then I speak it (scream it, rather) like a genius.
Peace, love, and wow, that was an uninspiring blog.

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