Smutty, Bloody Pictures

I’ve been to the old central bus station in Tel Aviv last summer. In fact, I’ve been to a lot of places in Israel where suicide bombings have taken place later on. I never thought that the next time I see that station, it would be littered with broken glass and shredded bodies on the front page of the fucking paper.
Apparently, the asshole bomber carried out that attack for some Palestinian prisoners or something. And apparently, in the Palestinian territories, there’s a day called Prisoners’ Day… Yes, they have a memorial day for prisoners.
I wonder why we don’t have that in Canada or the U.S. or anywhere else… I say, let’s have Rapists’ Day… Or how bout Murderers’ Day?
How bout no, Scott! We happen to have a brain. Jees!
And what’s with Moussaoui’s boohoo rhetoric about having a hard childhood or some mental illness? So fucking what? Am I supposed to feel sorry for this guy? The dude was gonna fly a passenger plane into the White House, so he can rot in jail for all I care.
I understand that the mentality of the Middle East differs from the mentality of the West, but we’re all still somewhat human, goddamit!
Peace, Love and no more war, no more bullshit.

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