Kurt Cobain died/committed suicide/was killed on April 5, 1994, depending on whether you think he died of a heroin overdose, a self-inflicted gunshot wound or if his wife killed him.
I love his music and I think Nirvana is the greatest band that ever existed. But personally, what I find most tragic about this whole thing is that Kurt never set out to become what he became and people treated him like an icon, and after he died, they treated him like a god – a dead god.
When he was still alive, I was too young and still living in isolation to know who or what Nirvana was. I don’t remember the first time I heard the song Smells Like Teen Spirit or the first time I saw the video, and I can’t pinpoint the moment where Nirvana changed my outlook on music as a whole. What I love about it is the subtlety of it all. How it came to me under the radar was almost surreal.
Unlike all the other bands I like/liked, Nirvana was the only one I could say that I liked without being ridiculed. If I said I liked Marilyn Manson, people would call me a freak. If I said I liked Rammstein, people would call me a Nazi. If I said I liked Bikini Kill, people would call me a feminist cunt (or most of the time would just stand there going "who?"). But if I said I liked Nirvana, people would say "you got good taste in music."
Really? Do I?
So I enjoyed feeling like I have something in common with the mainstream after having managed to isolate myself so perfectly in all other aspects of life. Liking Nirvana’s music was not considered a rebellion anymore. Even my mom knows the lyrics to almost all of the songs from Nevermind, and she doesn’t even speak English all that well. The truth is, with Nirvana, you don’t have to know English to sing along to it. I think that even Kurt had no idea what the hell he was singing.
Another thing worth mentioning is what a lot of people fail to realize, and what I have yet to hear being detailed in documentaries about Nirvana. The band was part of the Riot Grrrl movement. They even appear in some Riot Grrrl albums. Kurt Cobain used to date Toby Vail from the band that started it all, Bikini Kill, and they were both involved in the movement. Toby was also the inspiration for some of Nirvana’s songs (About a Girl among others) and her deodorant was also an inspiration (Smells Like Teen Spirit). And like it or not, Hole was originally a riot grrrl band, and you all know where I’m going with this.
Another documentary will air in about five minutes, so I’ll just wrap this up saying rest in peace, Kurt. Lord knows your music brought peace to so many of us.
Peace, love and "I guarantee you I will screw this song up…"

One thought on “Sappy…

  1. Suffice it to say, I am not a huge Nirvana fan. I\’m not a fan at all.
    I was old enough to remember the whole "Nirvana" thing….but you see, because I remember the "grunge" time, I also knew that Nirvana wasn\’t the only band out there that was an awesome band. My favourite (and greatest band that ever existed) was Rage Against The Machine. I remember Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Motherlove Bone and Alice In Chains. When Nirvana was big in the 90\’s, it was about the same time that hip/hop and heavy metal was starting to fuse together. That\’s what I was into. Nirvana to me was overplay…..Nirvana to me was "Omg, if I hear that Smells like teen spirit one more damn time, I\’ll freak out!" I remember the day that Kurt Cobain died….to me it wasn\’t a huge big thing. You could see that shit coming. The guy didn\’t have it together…..he was unhappy, heavily into drugs and didn\’t want to be a huge staple on the music scene. He just wanted to play music. The fact that people followed him around like a God made him miserable. This was the last thing he wanted…and it\’s what is still happening. His music never inspired me and Nirvana wasn\’t a huge thing in my life…not now and not then. But I see how people are easily pulled into thinking they are a great band and inspiration cause they weren\’t around or don\’t remember when it all went down.
     It\’s sad but the only reason Courtney Love is as big as she is, is because of Kurt Cobain. It\’s great, the fact that he was part of the Riot Grrrrl Revolution but I knew about men back then that were into doing that as well, not just Kurt Cobain. To me, Kurt Cobain isn\’t a RockStar, he isn\’t a mentor, he wasn\’t a friend, he didn\’t make me bleed for music….he was just a tortured soul who played a music that alot of people were into and could follow.
    RIP Kurt…maybe he will once people forget who he is and maybe his wish not to be famous will come true.
    >^..^<  ~~Honeycat~~

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