No Shit!

Study: PMS can lead to suicide attempts  
By Rivka Freilich



Are you overly anxious, unfocused while driving, staying at home, or being hard on yourself? It’s possible that you are a week away from your menstrual period.

Studies conducted all over the world show that half of car accidents and suicide attempts involving women took place in the week before the women had their periods.

The studies were compiled by Professor Mark Glazerman, director of the Women’s Comprehensive Health Center at the Rabin Medical Center.

Symptoms: Swelling of the body, headaches, fatigue

Prof. Glazerman, who is also the deputy director of Rabin Medical Center, said that 80 percent of women suffer from PMS. Forty percent suffer serious symptoms, and 10 percent experience difficulties in day-to-day functions.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome is diagnosed when a woman suffers from at least one of the following symptoms: Over anxiety, insomnia, low self-esteem that could lead to suicidal tendencies and withdrawal from society and disorientation.

The distress can also be recognized by physical disorders such as pain and inflammation of the joints (especially the knees), swelling of the body, headaches, fatigue, or a swollen stomach.

In case a woman suffers from one of the symptoms consistently during one week before the period, or up to two days after the period, these are most likely symptoms of PMS.

After compiling the data officials at Rabin Medical Center decided to establish a new clinic for women who suffer from the symptoms.

Similar clinics already opened in some hospitals in Israel operating under the Center for Women’s Health.

Every woman turning to the center will undergo lab works and will be kept under supervision for three months. The medical team treating the women will consist of gynecologists, psychiatrists, sexologists, social workers, and doctors representing alternative medicine.

In case the woman will be diagnosed with PMS she will be offered treatments by medication, physiologists, or psychiatrics. The clinic will also have available rheumatologists, nephrologists, and dermatologists. 

Dude, I don’t know about you, but although it’s very nice and all that people are making such efforts to help women who suffer from PMS, I think it’s a bit insulting to be treated like a mental case. I suffer from PMS, and I rather enjoy the comfort I find in it. It’s very therapeutic to let your feelings run wild every month or so. But I guess that if it’s as severe as they say it can get, than maybe treatment is necessary, whatever…

Peace, love and playing on the mood swing!


One thought on “No Shit!

  1. HA! Medical treatments be damned!
    Are they saying that women must be happy 24/7..and that if women are suicidal, then it\’s due to PMS? Gimmie a fuckin\’ break.
    I\’ve wanted to kill myself but if it\’due to PMS or hearing what these so called "people" have to say then it\’s my perogative. Performing tests or inventing medication isn\’t going to stop the fact that a women has her period. Am i getting overly anxious, insomnia or low self esteem?…it\’s called HORMONES….
    So, these BAND of professionals want to conduct tests on women test subjects for 3 months because a woman has hormones?
    A women\’s period is a life blood…it sustains the fetus….there is period blood in all of us. I would try to help my daughter be proud of the fact that her period comes once a month instead of giving her a pill just in case she has a headache or a bloated stomach.
    Like I said, I\’ve wanted to kill myself during PMS and not during PMS but I have wanted to kill everyone else as well . I found it therapeutic also. (HA HA HA)
    Haven\’t these people ever heard of the saying "I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR?"
     I think it\’s high time the so called "professionals"  stood back as women tore up the world due to PMS. It\’s high time that women came up with a drug to stop these so called professionals from conducting tests. Cause conducting these tests make them judgemental, condescending, vicious and cruel.
    >^..^<   ~~Honeycat~~

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