High on EL-AL

I have a date…
Well actually five potential dates out of which I have to choose three and eventually get only one.
Yes, these are my dates for the Aliyah and I have to choose my first, second and third choice before I even get my acceptance letter from Nefesh.
Truth is I’m so scared I’m gonna shit my pants. What if I go through the same shit I went through here trying to find a job? On the other hand, my current job contract ends on June 30 and after that I’ll be losing my mind again. So what’s worse? Being jobless in Montreal or being jobless in Israel?
Another truth is that media-related jobs pop up in Israel every so often, whereas in Montreal, they don’t. So all I need is a little divine intervention and I guess I’ll be fine in Israel. :-S
And so, here are the dates: July 5, July 19, August 9, August 15, September 5. All are departing from New York except for Aug. 15 which also departs from Toronto.
Dude, my heart is beating my ribs to a bloody pulp! Fuck!!! I’m freaking out!
OK, now for my going-away party, I’m inviting 10 people, one of which I can count on for making it, and the rest which are, well, unpredictable to say the least. Some are working their skin off, some are planning trips, others are getting married (well, actually only one) and may leave for the honeymoon.
Whether or not there will be any buddha at the party I still don’t know. Chances seem slim considering my budget, but I think it’s for the best because in any case I won’t be doing any as long as I’m in Israel with more important shit to take care of.
Ah, hopefully I’m overreacting and my plans won’t go to shit.
Now I got Passover to look forward to, hurray! 😀
Peace, love and Avadim hayinu be’Canada! 😛

One thought on “High on EL-AL

  1. Dude,
    Even though I\’m smoking weed right now…If I was at your going away party, I would "definately" hook you up with some weed.
    Try not to freak out…..everything ALWAYS goes according to plan…NOTHING is coincidental.
    >^..^<   ~~Honeycat~~

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