Mega Munchies

Fun facts brought to you by the National Pot… I mean, Post.
Pot-laced food items confiscated during a drug bust last week bore labels such as Stoney Ranchers, Munchy Way, Rasta Reece’s, Buddafingers, Pot Tarts, Double Puff Oreo, Keef Kat, Twixed, Budtella, Puff-A-Mint Pattie, Puffsi, Bong’s Root Beer and Toka Cola.
Some fucking 5-0 said that people do not understand that kids can get their hands on that stuff.
That’s bullshit.
You know what I don’t understand? What do all these police officers do with all the buddha they confiscate? I bet if they found a food item labeled Doobie Doughnuts, they’d eat the shit at the drop of a dime (no puns intended). Lord knows a good 5-0 can’t resist doughnuts, laced with pot or not.
I feel really sorry for all the good people who worked so hard to make these fine products to see them confiscated at the end.
And about those "innocent children," it’s the parents’ fault if their kids do get their hands on that stuff. So the parents are to blame. There. We’ve cleared the millions of pot-makers, pot-dealers and pot-users nationwide. Pot is here to stay. Deal with it.
Peace, love and LEGALIZE!

One thought on “Mega Munchies

  1. I\’ve always wondered myself what the "po-po\’s" did with all the "drugs" they confiscated. And I found out….some cops are "drug addicts" so some of them do it or sell it or whatever. The "shit" never gets rid of. I want a documentary done…you know…some down and dirty shit to find out EXACTLY what happens to the "drugs" that cops confiscate. What happens to all the guns they confiscate….what happens to all the kiddie porn they confiscate.
    Gotta go cause I\’m gonna do some chronic and Budtella….I mean some chronic and eat nutella! LOL….
    What I"ve never understood and still don\’t understand today is this: Every drug out there just trips you out as fuck -heroin, speed, crack, cocaine, special K, E, Acid….but weed. With weed, it makes you eat which is why there is "medicinal" weed. How can shit that makes you eat be bad for you? It ain\’t all about junkfood…though some of it looks reallllllllllllllllllll good at times….mmmm nothing like rocky road icecream. But the same can be said about someone who is pregnant or has an icecream craving or the summer days. I have yet to see someone die of weed the way I see people die from causes of cigarettes (cancer) or alcohol (poisoning or drunk driving).
    I\’m all for de-criminalizing weed but not legalizing weed. When it becomes legalized, government and all the capitalist pigs get their hands on it and it becomes a company that they can make money off of. NO WAY. I\’d rather have it de-criminalized. This world already pays enough for shit that is grown on this earth…We live here and it\’s about time the government stopped putting it\’s greedy hands all over shit that is rightfully ours in the first place without their approval.
    >^..^<   ~~Honeycat~~

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