In the Shadow of an Onion

Death Metal?!
That’s the latest inside joke about me. At work, when we wanna get a laugh, one of my co-workers looks at me with a shocked and confused expression and says "Death Metal?!"
It started a few weeks ago when I "came out" to my superior and told her I like that genre. And being the innocent-looking (that is, innocent-LOOKING) girl that I am, she replied "come again?"
It’s the kind of music that makes you go "what the hell is he saying?" And you wouldn’t say "what the hell is she saying" because chances are you wouldn’t think for a second that a chick can sing like that.
Well think again. That growling you’re hearing right now (unless the player is misbehaving or I changed the song) is a chick. That’s right. A chick!
One of my co-workers seems very curious about this underground genre. Although, every time I tell her I have music, she says "I hope it’s not death metal."
So for her, I guess, it’s a kind of forbidden fruit. She’s afraid to get too close, fearing she might like it too much and eventually get sucked into the underground and go through the same shit I’m going through now to get the albums, the t-shirts and whatever. Or maybe not, I don’t know…
I used to be just like that, back in high school when I discovered Marilyn Manson. First time I saw him on TV, I was totally disgusted but I couldn’t stop watching. And the more I watched, the more I hated and the more I loved. Since then, I graduated to more underground metal and eventually speed and death metal. 
But what is it about death metal that seems to be so taboo? Why are most people I know so scared of it? It may be a question of taste but you can’t deny the fact that the musicians are as talented as they come. They play like a metronome, the drums and the guitars are synchronized down to the last milli-second. It sounds almost humanly impossible to play like that for a straight 4 or 5 minutes, much less for a whole two hours if they play live. And with all honesty, it really takes skill to be able to growl like that.
Maybe it’s because of the name? Death metal does not have the same appeal as Rhythm and Blues, yet the latter is fucking BORING!! And it doesn’t have the same appeal as rap, yet the latter is fucking obscene and generally sexist. Lord knows it doesn’t have the same appeal as pop, yet again that one is just plain stupid and repetitive, made especially by Airheads Incorporated for airheads worldwide.
Maybe it’s not coombaya enough for people who like singing along to it. Try growling your way through Ravenous, it’s not easy. I tried it, and gagged after 15 seconds. But I’m not a function. I gag while brushing my teeth… figure out the rest.
Still, death metal is the shit. Amen!
Peace, love and hate music.

One thought on “In the Shadow of an Onion

  1. I used to love death metal cause listening to it on the surface-it was funny as hell and I loved trying to sing along to it.  What alot of people don\’t realize is there is always some sort of political message involved to it. At least the death metal I used to listen to like Cannibal Corpse, -my favourite bands being Napalm Death and one  band that hailed from South America but I can\’t remember their name at all. DAMMIT!  But I don\’t think much has changed cause the more that something stays underground, the less "mainstream" it is….so it\’s not out to "captivate" the masses.  The artists that sing  like that are talented  indeed  cause I\’m sure no one can do that without straining your vocal cords. Pratice makes perfect. Why don\’t people take the way they sing more seriously like they do Mariah Carey or Celine Dion cause certain ways of singing require alot of strain and pratice. Death metal not excluded. I guess people shy away from the "death" part of Death metal because they cannot deal with their own views or beliefs on death so they probably assume things about it without listening to it first. When one appreciates the singing and the message behind the songs, then it will be more widely accepted instead of seen as a farce. If women like us like death metal and there are women out there who sing death metal then you know it\’s cool. Death metal rocks…i mean, I wanted to be a death metal singer now I\’m just lucky if I can make it through a work week.
    Fight the powers that be!
    >^..^<  ~~Honeycat~~~

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