Women of Mass Destruction!

So today is International Women’s Day, but since I’ve been submerged with articles about Middle Eastern affairs at work, the only women I read about are those who are being mistreated by their husbands in those regions.
I actually read an article about some Islamic asshole who wrote a book on how to beat a woman without leaving marks and bruises on her body. What kind of sick fuck would read such a book? Oh right, the kind of sick fucks who live in those same societies that encourage "disciplining" women and who treat them like property.
Argh! This is so frustrating!!! I can’t stand these patriarchic fuckers who feel so intimidated by women that they have to beat them to a bloody pulp to make themselves feel better. This guy actually beat his wife to death not long ago. Why? Christ!
*breath* OK, before I pop a vein, I’ll go chill and watch some TV.
Meanwhile, have a happy International Women’s Day and next time, there should be more emphasis on the INTERNATIONAL aspect of this day considering that the women who are really having a happy time today are those privileged ones like you in me living in Western societies.
Peace, love and if your husband beats you, fucking beat him back!

3 thoughts on “Women of Mass Destruction!

  1. Found your site and I enjoy reading your intelligent discussion of real subjects.  But I\’m sure you\’ve heard the term "rule of thumb"?  It\’s actually an old law that allowed men to beat their wives but not to use a stick thicker than their thumb!  That\’s North American too.  And female genitial multilation occurs on a regular basis in Canada.  Not every is as pretty as it looks on the surface but you know that…

  2. Nice work
    Happy Women\’s Day!!

  3. Hey Girl,
    I\’d smoke some weed with you if everyone wasn\’t dry at the moment.
    Stay strong and wise in this fucked up world of ours.
    And just cause it\’s our world, doesn\’t mean we have to like it. In the 80\’s and 90\’s, it was all about women living in the margins. The revolution continues…..The  more "they" say things change, the more "they" stay the same.
    "8 ball chicks"…a book about girl gang bangers is really a book you should check out. Not sure about the author though.
    Hope you are doing well.
    >^..^<  ~~Honeycat~~

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