Munch Music

With no relation to music, food is gonna be the death of me. I figured that the problem I have with food is not only that I hate it, but that I love it, too. I can’t stand it but I can’t live without it (I’m only human, surprise!).
So basically, my death will most definitely be food-related. Either I’ll succumb to my current anorexia/bulimia spree. Or I’ll suffocate on my own vomit. Or I’ll choke on a slice of something I forgot to chew. Or I’ll die of food poisoning. Or maybe I’ll go to Holland and get steamed rolled by an enormous cheese roll… I don’t know…
This week, I might die of an overdose after eating a cake spiked with funnies. Although I hope I don’t… The funnies are there to actually get me off the eating-disorder train and resume my normality to a certain extent.
As an aside, check out the posters on the bottom and learn a little something about the one you call Israel. Come to think of it, Israel’s got some awesome food dude! Once I move there, my problem will be to stop eating… I hope I won’t become a compulsive over-eater and die of a stroke or a heart attack…
Peace, love and giving a whole new meaning to carpet munching. Yum!

2 thoughts on “Munch Music

  1. Dear Hadass:
    Your name is very special and has a
    great meaning!
    I always  have you in mind
    and pray 4 u.

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