Balls and Bullets

Why is it that (most) rappers sing about their supposedly big balls and grab their crotch every chance they get?
I’ve formulated a theory that can be applied to much of today’s male posturing and prick waving and it’s based on something that Peter Griffin says:
"Every time you see a guy with a big house or a fancy car, what he’s really trying to say is ‘don’t look at my penis.’"
Basically, rappers (and all rich and famous people) also have big houses and fancy cars, and that’s OK, but if a person gets these things solely by singing about balls and grabbing his crotch, there’s a problem. Not with society, but with the person.
What rappers really say is "I WISH I had big balls." And they grab their crotch desperately trying to fluff up whatever they have down there (or don’t have).
This is another reason why they have naked women in their videos. It’s all about the fluff (that apparently does not occure because they keep making the same videos). It’s also the only way for rappers to get booty.
In that event, I’ve decided to rechristen G-Unit as the more appropriate G-Eunuch.
Peace, love and what would it mean if women rappers grabbed their crotch?

One thought on “Balls and Bullets

  1. Hey! Thanks for checking out my site! I love the pictures of your pup, adorable! How did u get the Hebrew translation for your name? I\’d like that on mine.  I really enyed reading your blog, we should chat, u have a lot of intersting views.
    Anyways, thanks for the well wishes, I really apprecite them!
    Take care

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