Ha! Guess Again!

Here’s what one of the coolest journalists wrote in the New York Post:
"The fight between Denmark and its detractors is not between the West and Islam. It is between democracy and a global fascist movement masquerading as religion."
– Rent-a-riot ABCs, by Amir Taheri, New York Post, Feb. 9, 2006.
Yes, that’s right. Amir Taheri is IRANIAN. There is still hope!
And here’s what I write:
Funny shit. Iran decided to launch a Holocaust cartoon contest in response to the Muhammad cartoon scandle to "test" the West in its claims of freedom of the press. In other words, Iran wants to justify its own hypocrisy by trying to prove the supposed hypocrisy of Western states.
The thing is, dumbasses, that you, along with a dozen other Arab states (not to mention Western ones as well) have already published offensive cartoons, not only about the Holocaust, but also about Jews, Judaism, Israel and the Israeli government. Have you had any of your embassies being torched by Jews or by any Western states? No, because we believe in freedom of the press. And we mean what we say. So go ahead. Have your lameass Holocaust cartoon contest. Us Jews have gone through much worse experiences than being ridiculed in the press.
Peace, love and aren’t journalists getting tired of running stories about yet another Muslim riot?

4 thoughts on “Ha! Guess Again!

  1. It\’s funny how places like Iran can simultaneously awknowledge and deny the holocaust at the same time.
    There is a trick worthy of Orwells\’ 1984. Almost straight from the ministry of truth.
    The DS

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                                       4 U

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