The world is going insane. Maybe I’m just reading too many articles or watching too much reality TV and news and shit but it really seems like planet earth and its population are running headlong into oblivion.
Sometimes we laugh about it at work, but that’s only because crying about it is not helping.
I’ve come to realize also that if I’ll be relocating to a potentially more dangerous part of the planet, I might as well make amends to some people that I may have hurt over the past few years. One of which is my ex best friend. She and I met in grade four and had a great relationship up until grade 11 (sec 5). We were still good friends after that, well into cegep and beginning of university, but things had already started deteriorating. The final blow came around January 2003, and whatever stupid fight we had, I refused to talk to her and cut all contact with her. It was my fault, and it’s been three long years that I’ve been trying to prove to myself that I don’t need her and I’m better off without her. But the truth is that I miss her terribly. I know that things cannot go back to being the way they were but if I tell her how sorry I am about what happened, maybe we could somehow become good friends.
It’s not only because I’m moving away that I started thinking about her but also because it sucks that this friendship had to end the way that it did. It sucks that my ego got the best of me and it sucks that I lost the one person, after my parents, who meant everything to me. Trying to substitute that friendship with a romantic relationship proved futile and eventually backfired.
My ego is still in center stage so I’m having a hard time picking up that receiver… well, it’s also because I kinda forgot her number but that’s no excuse because I can easily get it from another one of my friends who is still in touch with her. Until my ego subsides, which should be any day now, I’ll go back to the subject at hand – Israel:
"Asked once during his brief, second premiership what the Palestinians would ultimately say they gained from the Jews, Shimon Peres retorted: democracy. By now, some Arabs agree. Following an Egyptian writer’s bitching – during a recent seminar of Mideastern journalists – over his government’s antipathy towards democracy, the Israelis at hand were amused to hear a Palestinian reporter tell him: ‘What you need is a little Israeli occupation.’" ("Middle Israel: Who Freed the Middle East?" by Amotz Asa-El, The Jerusalem Post)
Yeah! You tell’em, brother!
Peace, love, and where was Clinton when European newspapers published grotesque cartoons of Ariel Sharon and Jews as Nazis?
PS – stand up for freedom of speech and freedom of the press!

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