One Hell of a God

Latest news on America’s most wanted: Osama Bin Laden is an aspiring comedian! Here’s one of his jokes:
"We are a nation that God has forbidden to lie and cheat."
Seriously now, does he really think the world is that stupid? Your god forbids you to lie and cheat but he lets you kill and mutilate? You give a whole new meaning to the supernatural. Or should I say, the imaginary.
And later, in the same "stand-up," Osama (kus amak) says:
"We are people… who will seek revenge all our lives."
No shit, Sherlock. Piece of advice, dude, next time you wanna blame your religion for your terrorist bullshit, don’t. Because the only person you can blame is yourself. Holy war? Who’s fucking stupid idea was that? Holy war?? There’s nothing holy about war. There’s nothing holy about killing, much less killing civilians. You think you’re going to heaven and getting 70 virgins? News flash, dude – you’re going straight to hell and Satan will make you his virgin and fuck you 70 times just for being an idiot. Then 70 times for being ugly. Then 70 times for killing babies. Get ready to live up to your name and have a really big asshole.
Another thing. Here are some excerpts from an article I read about Darfur:
"Eighteen months after the AU [African Union] deployed several hundred military observers — with no equipment, no vehicles and one hand-held satellite phone for calling headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia — the Darfur peacekeeping operation remains a shambles…

Other voices at the United Nations have quietly suggested the AU mission could be rolled into an existing UN peacekeeping operation in southern Sudan, which is trying to end two decades of civil war between the Sudanese government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement…

If Mr. Bashir [Sudanese president] takes over at the AU, no one expects him to rush to resolve the crisis. He will count on the continuing indifference of the rest of the world."

Is it just me or has this already been written before? Oh yes, General Dallair’s Shake Hands With the Devil. This is not Darfur. This is Rwanda all over again! The international community is as slow as ever to respond to this crisis. It seems that the UN or any other organization for that matter learned anything from the Rwandan genocide. What’s wrong now? Sudan has no oil or something? It’s not strategically or economically significant enough?
UN seems to stand for Useless Nothing more than anything else because all they do is sit on their asses in their comfortable conference room, in their suits and ties and expensive perfumes, talking and talking, and writing and printing, more and more 1,000-page documents, with longass titles, while people are still dying. If you call yourself the United Nations, get off your ass and stand united for the one thing you were meant to protect in the first place – Humanity.

Peace, love and fucking stability already!

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