To Vote or Not to Be

While here in Canada, we are all heading to cast our ballots (I hope for your sake), in Israel, or more precisely, the Palestinian territories are getting ready for their elections as well.

Barry Rubin, in the Globe and Mail, noted the fact that those who think that Hamas will become moderate if it wins the elections are naive:

"In the [New York] Times’s words: ‘We can only hope that if Hamas wins a share of power, Palestinians will expect the same of it as they did of the PLO. If the Islamic militants persist in provoking Israeli incursions, roadblocks and assassinations, their welcome [to power] will soon wear thin.’

"Yes, I hope so, too. But I sure wouldn’t risk the lives of thousands of people on that hope. Perhaps we should hope that Osama bin Laden comes to power in Saudi Arabia as the most effective way of defeating international terrorism."
(Barry Rubin, Globe and Mail, Jan. 23, 2006: Terror: The real winner in this week’s Palestinian elections.")
I don’t know about all that but I know that I’m scared shitless and can only hope for the best.
Now back to the Canadian elections – GO VOTE!!!
Peace, love and make your voice heard louder than just "a fart in a windstorm" (as Ed the Sock so eloquently puts it).

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