President Shitforcock

Behold, the new Hitler! No, it isn’t Le Pen, as previously thought, and it isn’t Saddam and it isn’t the new Pope. That’s right, it’s the new Iranian cunty president whose name I can never spell or pronounce. You know who I’m talking about.
The only difference between that asshole and Hitler is that Hitler is the man behind the Holocaust and president Asshole denies the Holocaust. I must say, however, that his arguments somewhat appeal to common sense (only if you’re a bigoted anti-Semite, that is). But here’s something else that makes absolute sense: One third of the Jewish population of the world in the 1940s vanishes into thin air. Wow, dude! That makes absolute sense, if you’re on an extremely bad acid trip.
Hey, loony toons! You’re either completely ignorant, or completely high, or just plain fucked up! The Holocaust happened, president Dipshit! Deal with it!
I personally think that he says that the Holocaust is a myth in order to feel better about himself when he decides to make a Holocaust of his own. So he’ll say, "I’m the first one who thought about it!" or "There have been genocides of many people but not of the Jews, yet, *cough* they deserve one, too. After all, nobody likes them. I’ll see to it that they bother no one anymore. Oh, merciful, benevolent me! The entire world will thank me once I nuke Israel, kill all Jews (and some Palestinians by mistake, and maybe even some Iranians, too, but nobody cares)."
By the way, there have been some boycotts of some thingies around the world, but they’re all stupid, useless boycotts. Here’s a smart one for you: BOYCOTT OIL!!! Then, nobody will use it, nobody will need it, the ozone layer sure as hell can do without it. Thus, Mr. Bush, you can rip your rage and male-posturing fury on Iran all you want! Buy a ride with an electric engin and knock yourself out!
Jesus Christ! It’s not that complicated!
Peace, love, except for Iranian president Fuckface.

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