Fuking American Idiots

Today, I read a sample from this op-ed piece that I thought put into words what I’ve been feeling for a while now. I mean, I always thought of Americans as narcissistic airheads going around talking about how they’re "number one." Lately, however, I began to see them as miserable, self-hating brats who are too proud of what they should be ashamed of. Entertainment and Hollywood are good examples of that. Here’s the exerpt:

"’Syriana’ is not only about a single political murder. It also depicts the United States as the power behind much of the terrorism coming from the Middle East. The film shows U.S. oil companies as employers of Asian slave labor, while the CIA is the key source of supply for bombs used by terrorists.

Why would any self-respecting American want to write or direct or play in "Syriana"? If the United States is as evil as they suggest, should they not be ashamed of themselves? And if the oil companies control the U.S. government, presumably including Congress, should we conclude that Hollywood is the last bastion of American freedom?

One answer to why anyone might want to make such a film is, of course, the very American desire to make money. As things stand today, there is a large market for dissent in the United States. In a recent trip there, I noticed that unless you took a dig at the Americans no one would even listen to you. In one session, when I politely suggested that George W. Bush might be a better choice than either Mullah Omar or Saddam Hussein, I was nearly booed by my American interlocutors.

The truth is that there is a market for self-loathing in America today and many, including the producers of "Syriana," are determined to cash in on it."

("Hollywood Arabs" by Amir Taheri – New York Post, January 8, 2006)

I totally agree with the dude. Americans not only make it acceptable to bash themselves, they make it cool. This is how bands like Green Day also bash themselves, their government and a good part of their audience. They keep saying how America is shit and their president is shit and the system is shit. For fuck’s sake, get a life! Be glad that you can bash your government, because if you were in Iran or Turkey or Saudi Arabia or wherever the fuck, your sorry ass would be executed.

Just quit whining already, fucking spoiled brats.

Peace, love, and whatever happened to being proud of belonging to a nation?


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