Today, my mom woke me up at 12:15 for absolutely no reason. I mean usually when she wakes me up she has a reason for it, such as "Buxy needs to go for a walk," "Buxy didn’t eat," "Buxy has diarrhea," "Buxy threw up," "Buxy’s not feeling well," or "You have a phonecall."
But today, no reason. That’s what my mornings boil down to – no reason to be there. What am I to do when I get up? Is there anything for me to look forward to? Two e-mail accounts to check, a blog to update and a dog to look after. Well, that last one is the only one that keeps me on my feet. Buxy is the highlight of my life right now, the only living thing that depends on me, as opposed to living things that I depend on (i.e. my parents).
That’s another reason for me to move to Israel, away from all that, so that I can concentrate on becoming self-sufficient. At 23, I’ve already managed to not find a job, to not be able to afford my own car/house, to be used for my skills for minimal to no rewards, to use my parents’ money for substance abuse, to live by Showcase’s schedule, to sell my soul for my two most important ideals (journalism and feminism) and for one that I never believed in in the first place (beauty), and to lose almost all my friends without great effort. Talk about achievement.
I was thinking, if I’ll be living on my own in Israel (preferably without a roommate since isolation is the best escape), I might as well get another pet. Not as a replacement for Buxy because there’s no such thing, ever, but rather a smaller living thing that will depend on me but not as much – a cat, for example. But cats in Israel are the equivalent of squirrels or skunks here in Montreal. They’re rabid and they live in garbage dumps. There’s a rumor that the new immigrants from Thailand that came to Israel in the past couple of years actually eat the cats. So on second thought, maybe I’ll get a rat or a bat or a ferret or some other rodent. Better yet, maybe I should get a tarantula to deal with my phobia of spiders and cockroaches, because anyways, there’s a lot of them in Israel. Yeah fucking right, man, tarantual my ass. Fuck it, I’ll get a rodent.
Peace, love and a fuzzy one that eats fruits and stuff. 🙂 
PS – Wishing a speedy recovery for Prime Minister Sharon. Go Kadima!

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