The Burning After

I was seriously badtripping last night. I was almost sure I was gonna pass out. I brushed my teeth before going to sleep but I didn’t wash my face because I was scared I was gonna drown. Then my burning left hand started shaking and so did my left leg. My freezing right hand was contracted for at least five minutes straight, and my entire body shook at every arrhythmic heart beat. It felt like I actually died and doctors were trying to resuscitate me. I was scared and started thinking about everything that I risk losing if I die – I would never make it to Israel. That was the thing that scared me the most. Does that mean I will never have weed again? No, it just means I won’t be eating it again. The high lasted from six to eight hours depending on whether or not you count the initial softcore buzz.
I also couldn’t stop writing. The results can be viewed in the entry below and these Jpgs.
Peace, love and back to anal fixation.
PS – Decipherment:
"I’m totaly stoned, man. It’s so surreal. It doesn’t make any sense. TV is too real. I saw everybody Loves Raymond and it [I] seemed to be there watching the show seeing how it’s all fake and their acting is so weird because they just get paid for pretending to be people they’re not for others’ entertainment. And they do it by pretending to not see the crowd looking above their small pathetic lives.
"Is this obssessive compulsive, schyzophrenic, manic-depression? I don’t know but this overdose is telling me that it’s very possible and it could happen to me because I took too much and it’s lasting too long."

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