Highway Rant or whatever

I’m watching Six Feet Under, being six feet under the influence of high potency drugs. Not Ativant, but a very similar version of it.
It’s beautiful. The nightmares of both character scared me to the core. I ate it so it’s a very clean kind of high. Not a gross carbonated, cumbusted kind of high, but a very pure one, where it’s easy to breath and you don’t hear the cracking of the microscopic hairs in you esophagus when you breath and when you cough. I have to go back to Six Feet Under because it’s the last part and it’s really good.
You know that’s how it is. Babies are born and people die. Babies are the pure and clean and people are the carbonated and combusted kind.
My dog is eating a tissue. Whatever, I’m too high bumping into walls and shit and feeling like I have a back holder resting on my hips, (chins? What are chins? Oh yeah, chins, no I meant hips, that’s what I first said) and feeling a surge of orgasm flowing up and down my spine.
So this girl in six feet under said she never masturbates because she never found it interesting. However, she also admitted that she doesn’t talk dirty when having sex and she never found an orgasm to be all that great. Which led her friends to the conclusion that based on the fact that if she knows what an orgasm really feels like, she would talk dirty to her partner, the girl never comes. Poor her. So basically she doesn’t find masturbation interesting because she doesn’t come. If she were to ever have an orgasm she wouldn’t say something like that about it. And she would masturbate! Which sucks. Well no, not really. In reality masturbation is better than sex, so those who don’t do it have never really felt what an orgasm is really supposed to feel like.
In other words, get stoned and jack your silly little ass off till you can’t feel feelings anymore and come with a loud yelp to let the world know that you have been jacking off for the past two hours and your skin is peeling off because of a pulling overload. ROFL.
That shit is awesome, I should eat more often. Eat more weed. Eat more pussy. Eat more food to satisfy my munchies spree. And my dog can eat more kleenex if he wants. Who knew you could eat so much more than just food, and to think that I wrote it last although it goes hand in hand with the previous ones.
Now off to looking at some weird photos trying not to freak out.
Reminiscence of the memory has a cat crossed with a dolphin in it and to think that I always say it as a rock. I thought they were making fun of the cruelty in which Iraqi prisonners were treated but then I thought, who the fuck would make fun of something like that?

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