I lose track of days. All days look alike now because I’m always doing nothing, except on Saturday when I’m really doing nothing. The only way I can tell what day it is is by watching Showcase at 10 (wow!). If it’s Six Feet Under, it’s sunday. If it’s Dead Like Me, it’s monday. If it’s Rescue Me, it’s tuesday. If it’s Weeds, it’s wednesday. If it’s The L Word, it’s thursday…
Tonight, I know it’s New Year’s so for the occasion I have the choice between hanging out with my parents or watching a movie marathon on Showcase. That’s right. No parties. Nothing going on tonight. It’s New Year’s and all my friends are doing shitall. So I will conform and do shitall as well. Doing shitall is the shit.
Since the shit is this New Year’s theme, I wish you all a crappy new year.
Peace, love and unusual!

One thought on “Fryday

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