Ye Olde Blog

My hairs are turning white. It started around the age of 17, actually. Since then, every time a white hair emerged I pulled it out after a long rant about how I’m getting old by the minute. Today, I’ve decided to embrace my white hairs as a sign of wisdom rather than geezerness. My fear is not that I’ll become an old wrinkled gray haired lady but that I’ll become a bitter old wrinkled gray haired lady. I think that the earlier a person learns to admit and accept the fact that time leaves its permanent marks, the happier he or she will be as an old person.
I also think that today’s commercial consumerist society has a lot to do with the state of mind of the elderly. Probably ignoring the fact that the elderly make a substantial part of it, society begins by pushing them aside to retirement homes where they sit and pray for a painless and speedy expiration. It also encourages the ideal of everlasting youth with all the commercials about anti-aging creams, hair color products, libido-enhancing pills and all that bullshit. It takes a lot of guts to grow old with dignity in a society that is openly scared shitless of this misunderstood age group. And teenagers thought they have it hard.
Speaking of commercials, they remind me a lot of doctors. One of my earlier blogs refers to my fear of doctors and my deep hatred for them. How do they know what’s good for me? How does anybody know what’s good for me. It’s all a big conspiracy. Shampoos, soaps, body lotions, toothpastes, tampons, prescription medicine, fucking laundry detergents… am I just supposed to take the TV’s word for it? I’ve used this Neutrogena anti-dandruff shampoo for two fucking months and the only thing I managed to get out of my scalp is its natural moisturizer. As a result, my scalp is itchy as hell and fucking dandruff is still there.
All these products are for shit. Everything is for shit. All these products are exactly like anti-virus software. They introduce more useless shit into your system (which will harm you on the long run) than protect it against "harmful" natural material. All these toothpastes and mouthwash and floss and toothbrushes do not fight gingivitis or whiten your teeth. It’s all a big fight against nature, and nature will have its way, like it or not. Your teeth will become yellow, your gums will hurt when you eat and bleed when you brush, and your teeth will end up in a cup of water by the end of the day.
And your hair will become white. The roots will show two days after you dye your hair. None of us are getting any younger.
Peace, love and I better start learning how to cook and knit like my grandmother.

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