The AV Room

As part of my getting-ready-to-move-to-a-totally-different-country to-do list, I have to separate the good shit from the useless shit. Some of the latter includes VHS tapes which are quickly becoming extinct *sob*. Unfortunately, since I’m still stuck in the 80s, I’ll have to stay stuck with some of those tapes (including home videos and recorded episodes of Queer As Folk) until those smartasses who invented DVD invent another such useless device which transfers audio-visual material from VHS to DVD.
Eventually, I will have to get with the program, so the next item on my to-buy list is a DVD collection of all the episodes of Queer As Folk (seasons 1 through 5). Until then, I’ll enjoy my VHS and photos such as the ones below.
Peace, love, and Emmett: "I’ve been on more wieners than French’s mustard."

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