Not in My Mooza

Today, my Space celebrates its first year since I started blogging in it.
For the occasion, I will do absolutely nothing, as I usually do when websites have anniversaries. Instead, I will sit here and listen to my Lauchcast station praying they don’t play another one of those lameass new rock bands like Billy Talent or Hoobastank. What kind of name is Hoobastank anyways? Why not change your name to Shithead while your at it, Christ! I can just imagine these guys sitting around a table and one guy says, "Hey guys, what are we gonna call ourselves?" And some idiot goes "How about Hoobastank?" And the other guys, being idiots themselves go "Wow! Great name!" First time I heard the name I thought, with such geniuses you can’t expect much, and I was right. They’re a lameass one-hit wonder and even that one hit fucking hoobastinks.
Fuck, there goes my station again. Acceptance? A band called Acceptance? OK, I give up. There is no hope for modern rock anymore. Thankfully, I learned at an early age that oldies are as good as music is gonna get. So I’ll keep listening to music from the late 60s until that from the early 90s and a select few from more recent times. So if I have any CDs in my collection that were released in 2000 or later, it’s only indie or local underground.
It could be that I can’t stand popular music… or maybe I just don’t trust the music industry anymore because most popular labels will choose an artist according to looks rather than actual talent. As a result, the ones with the true talent and the ones with some real meaning in their songs get left behind and pushed underground. I mean, you would think people would get a little smarter once they realized that Ashlee Simpson doesn’t really sing, she just pretends to do so, but noooo. They keep listening to "her" songs thinking she writes them and composes them and sings them, when the actual artists have their name printed in fine print on the very last page of the CD sleeve.
By the way, just because you learned how to write in fucking grade school, does not automatically mean you can write songs. I have no idea how Simple Plan got so popular. All they do is whine about being misunderstood. Boohoo, grow the fuck up. And what’s the deal with singing about money, cars, chicks and getting laid? Rappers really need to get out more. If you’re gonna write your own songs, do so with taste. Have some kind of message in your song, make a statement. Not an income statement. One that makes people think, you know, like with their brain. But obviously what people have between their ears is not what matters in today’s showbiz but rather what they have between their legs.
Peace, love and, yes, Rock and fucking Roll. 

7 thoughts on “Not in My Mooza

  1. sorry girl, I have to disagree. Hoobastank have some amazing songs, and if you judge them only by "The Reason" which by the way was not a one hit wodner considering they had at least 4 other singles out, then you obviously can\’t say that they suck. but hey to each their own. oh and as for the name, apparently they had it since they were young dumb kids and it sort of stuck. but those guys are really decent, i\’ve seen a bit of stuff on TV about them and they dont strike me as the obnoxious rockstar types. as for simple plan i agree, their lyrics are very juvenile 🙂 but they tour with Hedley now and that\’s all that matters. Hedley rock!!!!!And by the way, rap hater, I remember the time you liked Snoop! *peace out*=D

  2. Hoobastank may have had other singles other than The Reason but none of them were "hits" per say. So I stick by my one-hit wonder claim.Just because Hedley rocks, does not mean that Simple Plan do too.And I\’m not a rap hater, dude, because yes, I do still like some of Snoop\’s older material. I only wanted to emphasize that there\’s more to write about than repeat what\’s already been done (i.e. money and sex).Dass.

  3. u posted in my guest book a hundred yrs ago ~ wanted to come say BEST WISHES 2 ya and merry christmas happy new year u know …happy hannukah etc lolok il stop now…take carettfnapril

  4. Hey, your guitars are *#^#$&$ hot!!!.. i have an acoustic electric ovation, and an acoustic washburn.(that ones an oldy to me lol)And your totally pretty, and ya. so your in a band? thanks for checkin out my page.. 😉

  5. Hey Dass, great blog entry! I couldn\’t agree with you more. Actually…I stopped counting how many times you hit the nail on the head.The best music does indeed come from the 60\’s and 70\’s with a few glimpses of brilliance in the 80\’s, 90\’s and recent days.I have two daughters that are musically inclined and every chance I get I \’subject\’ them to the music with which I grew up. I get a good laugh sometimes because they hate some of what I play…no worries though, I know they\’ll come around :). It\’s moments during which the Hilary Duff plays that I feel like tearing my clothes and putting on sackcloth and ashes! That shit should be outlawed. Unfortunately it\’s all about the almighty dollar now.I noticed you have a Gibson in your guitar collection :). Check out the latest Les Paul tribute CD Dass. It\’s wonderful. Featured players include Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Steve Miller, Rick Derringer, and the list goes on and on. Les is in his 90\’s and he still jams with the industry\’s best players….a true pioneer!All the best Dass.The _Majestyk.

  6. hahah narwar!! what type of music do you play yourself at home?my boyfriend is in a band now, hes a drummer. and he has a little hip hop thing he does on the side..But have SWEET guitars… jealous!

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