Hangover Ramble

Here’s what happens when you watch Cold Case Files while being high on the True Blue shiznit:
"I’m really high. Watching TV and it’s weird people scream and do funny things that make no sense. Funny. Music is cool too.
"Looks fake because do not know how to act computer running with cops and tear gas.
"Seizure because cool stuff happening. Bark! yeyeyeyey.
"Freaky shit! Fell off bike.
"Musterd, potato chips are yummy.
"All that remains is human remains.
"Scary killer in TV is gonna come and get me. Murder.
"Teeth in lungs because beat face flat in her lungs."
This is what I wrote on a piece of paper while watching this shit on TV after having a couple of bowls of blue mixed with a blue-white rhino hybrid.
Besides that, I was laughing my head off along with my friend who became all red, I thought his head was gonna explode.
I thought we would still feel like we exist in one form or manner and existing means thinking so no, we weren’t thinking and we weren’t existing. Descartes was definitely not high when he said what he said.


That’s some true shit.
Being a slob rules! I had a slice of pizza in one hand, a chocolate bar in the other, a bowl of popcorn on my lap and a bowl of chips on the table in front of me, talking with my mouth full, taking more bites than I could swallow, burping freely without even realizing it…
– Hey!
– What?
– You just burped!
– Really? 
Totally sick!

anyways, tell [my cousin] I wish him luck in his homework and exams and tests and whatever other stuff he has, and I also wish him a speedy recovery after I bash his face in, ok?

Peace, love and indigestion because ate too much too fast riding on the munchies on the cheeta with Harold and Kumar on the way to White Castle.

One thought on “Hangover Ramble

  1. Hi, HadassFirst I want to say you are very beautiful, what nationality are you? I\’m British we talk funny.Yes I know Yahshua is also spelled Yeshuah, but the word Salvation is Yah…..G-d is Yahwey or Yahvey….salvation. If our Father says his name is in Yahshua then I agree with some that it is most likely Yah..shua. But thats O.k. as long as we call on his name for salvation; we will be saved. Aliyah also means going up in or with Adonai.BlessingsAaliyah.

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