I Saw Death

Yesterday, I saw the movie… well, yes, that movie, Saw. Saw II. The first one is one of my all-time favorite horror movies, and the sequel turned out to be just as amazing.
What I liked most about it is that it makes you think. It’s not just another one of those horror flicks competing for which has the most blood and the most gore with absolutely no purpose. The Jigsaw killer in Saw never killed anyone but he kidnaps people who have either lost their will to live or engage in destructive behaviors, and he puts them in a situation aiming to stimulate their survival instinct. It’s a test to see if they really care about their lives.
It makes you think because a lot of the situations in the movie are realistic. People engage in destructive behaviors all the time. I think it’s because if there is one thing that is stronger than the human survival instinct or the will to live is our natural fascination with death.
People say that life is beautiful all the fucking time. But death is mysterious, and this is what draws us to it. The illegal, the dangerous, the sinful, the unknown, all the things that we should stay away from raise our curiosity. A child will do something once you tell him or her not to do it. Adam and Eve were attracted to the one thing they were not allowed to touch. It’s not a coincidence that it was called the tree of knowledge.
So we can satisfy our curiosity by trying out the illegal, daring the dangerous, experimenting with the sinful and exploring the unknown. But death is the one mystery that can never be solved, and the one curiosity that can never be quenched.
It’s also scary to think that death is the end and there is nothing after. It’s terrifying to think that we are so finite, and it’s this fear that stirred our imagination to try to explain death with supernatural forces, religion, and other beliefs that can’t be proven unless we try it out first-hand. So we resume our destructive behaviors and say that life is beautiful while in the back of our minds we pray for a quick and painless death to see heaven and hell for ourselves, to see ghosts for ourselves, or just cease to exist for ourselves.
Peace, love and point a gun to my head and see if I care.

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