If I Leave, Will I Live?

On CKUT they decided to remix all the shitty rap and R&B songs by adding famous rock riffs. Somehow they managed to match Snoop Dogg with Black Sabbath and Will Smith with Nirvana.
I personally think that’s blasphemy. Any remixes suck, but these should be illegal because while they improve the sound of the shitty R&B tunes, they seriously undermine the awesomeness of the rock tunes. Very bad.
I still like CKUT though. The Buzz is still my alltime favorite radio station but the reception is so bad here in Montreal that I prefer not listening to it at all because it just makes me furious. So when both stations piss me off, I tune into my launchcast station, which I will do right now…
See, like they play Nirvana in all their glory. Downer!!
So my Jewish birthday is coming up in about two weeks or so. But my mom and I are concentrating more on the commemoration of my uncle’s passing which took place on the same date. When I turned five, my uncle worked for the Israeli army, and he was shot and killed by a Palestinian while trying to save one of his fellow soldiers. So every year on the holiday of Sukkot, we do something special in his honor. Most of the time it would involve some kind of artistic input by yours truely, whether it’s a poem or whatever.
This year, I thought it would be chill to decorate egg shells like my uncle used to do. It takes a lot of time and a shitload of patience but the eggs come out really nice when you really take your time. So basically, that’s what we’re doing this year. Emptying eggs and decorating them.
Besides that, I started to realize that my life is getting nowhere here. I’m stuck at home the whole time. I can’t go to the gym because my surgery scars still didn’t heal completely. I can’t drive my dog to the dog park for that same reason. And now, shitty weather started again so I can’t take a walk outside. Still no job, still looking for one but keep hitting dead ends all around. My conclusion is that I have no future here.
In Israel, life never stops. It’s ironic because despite all the bombings and the scary shit, life goes on down there, things move, shit happens. Here, nothing ever happens. Man, I wanna go back. I think I’ll start doing something about that. I’m sick of feeling useless.
Peace, love, and contact Nefesh Be’Nefesh like they were Messiah.

2 thoughts on “If I Leave, Will I Live?

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