North of the Nation of Fear

I usually don’t like bands that get too political and stuff, but when the band’s music kicks ass, I’m ready to make an exception.
REPUBLIC OF SAFETY. A Toronto punk dance band. Check them out pronto!
I just heard a song of theirs on the CKUT feminist-type radio show I listen to rather regularly, Venus. It’s called I Like to Work and it kicks major ass.
Check out their site:
Peace, love and "I like to work, I like to fuck, my mind is my body and my body is a truck."

One thought on “North of the Nation of Fear

  1. Why thank you, darling!I\’m no suicidegirl. But I hope to be one someday! as of right now, I don\’t reach the age requirements.Is that you?if it is, I must say, out of the both of us, YOU\’RE the hot one. ;DHow about you? Are you a suicidegirl?

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