Black October?

December by Collective Soul, November Rain by Guns & Roses… hmmm, were there any songs about October? How bout Happy Birthday to me by absolutely nobody?
So yes, tomorrow is my birthday but nothing’s gonna happen. It’s very conveniently set on a Saturday night but none of my friends "can" do anything. It sucks to have your birthday in Fall. The weather never helps anything, and neither does school work when all your friends are still in it up to their necks.
What sucks even more is that my Jewish birthday falls on the same day as my uncle’s memorial day. So we celebrate and mourn on the same day.
So the song that would conveniently describe my situation right now would be Blink 182’s What’s my Age Again:
"Nobody likes you when you’re 23."
Or if I wanna add my state of body and mind, it would have to be yet another Lunachicks song:
"P is for the Pain you give me every fucking month,
M is for the Mamories of all the throwing up,
S is for the Swelling of my tits and ovaries.
I don’t like it PMS,
But I got it, PMS,
Every month is PMS,
Give me a heating pad, PMS."
Ah, I miss the comfort I find in my music.
Peace, love, and Ativant is my new favorite drug.

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