Boobie Trapped

Yesterday I finally decided that the fact that my friends were not gonna join me is no reason for me to keep vegetating between these four walls. So I went to a movie night organized by a couple of girls from Queer McGill. It was chill. We watched "But I’m a Cheerleader" which I had already seen but didn’t mind watching again because it’s a cute movie.
I think I’ll start hanging out with them more often considering I have nothing better to do and they provide some kind of entertainment.
This morning I woke up with the song "Filthee" by Otep playing in my head. Fucking awesome song. So that’s all I’ve been listening to today.
I should really be waking up with the song "Less Teeth, More Tits" by Lunachicks since it would probably fit my state right about now. I’m so not taking care of my teeth. I brush them and stuff, but I hardly floss and whatever I eat causes me to experience excruciating pain, so there’s obviously something wrong in there, but I’m not doing anything about it considering I don’t have a dental plan and even a cleaning would cost me a fortune.
Ironically, I recently spent 5,600 bucks for a breast enlargement due this Wednesday (Hence, Less Teeth and More Tits). Surprise to all of you whom I didn’t bother to inform earlier.
Before I start shitting my pants, I’m attempting to make sense of why I even began to think that cosmetic surgery is a good idea and how it doesn’t go against everything I believe in (i.e. God and Feminism).
I was never unsatisfied with my body. The size of my breasts (or lack thereof) didn’t bother me much either. Every time I was checking out a naked chick wherever, it was mostly because I found her attractive. Not because I was jealous of her or anything. Later, I saw pictures of nipple rings on both guys and girls and I decided that it definitely looks better on chicks than it does on dudes. So maybe I want to have a breast enlargement to frame my nipple ring.
In terms of feminism, I might be looking to accentuate my femininity despite the fact that earlier feminists did everything contrary to guidelines of beauty, didn’t shave anything except for their heads and stuff…
Yes, I think this is mostly why I want to do this. The definition of feminism is a very subjective thing so any way you choose to express yourself, physically or spiritually, may be defined as feminist.
Tits rule! And again, I don’t want no bra. I mean, what’s the point in having breasts if you’re gonna restrain them with some pieces of fabric and wire?
Some girls tell me that because I don’t have big breasts and I don’t need a bra I couldn’t possibly understand what’s it’s like to carry these things around with no support. Support. Can you believe this? A bra is a medium of support. Bullshit! The first thing these girls do when they get home from a long day at work is take off their bra with a loud sigh of relief. Give me a break, Christ!
Speaking of Christ, I’m Jewish. So moving on to the topic of God…
I’ve already modified my body in other ways, less bad, but still modified, with piercings mostly. However, getting implants looks to me like the equivalent of getting a tattoo which is pretty bad in Judaism. Jews with tattoos apparently do not have the right to be buried in a Jewish cemetary after they die. What about girls with implants? To me, it’s almost the same because both implants and tattoos are permanent, are difficult and expensive to remove, may wear out (or become saggy), may be restored (or lifted) for a cost… the same fucking thing. Whether I’m damned or not, I guess I’ll find out once I die.
Peace, love and More Tits, Less Bras! 

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