Pro-No’s Take to the Streets

*This entry was originally titled "Yet Another Cunty Rant." We self-serving, over-opinionated pricks at MSN believe it is highly inappropriate. Therefore, we have changed the title of this entry to something that has no meaning and that has absolutely nothing to do with the following text.
This week, there is the International GLBT Theatre Festival. Had it taken place in Israel, I would have probably covered it for the Jerusalem Post’s Billboard and maybe even talk to people from the Jerusalem Open House. But nevermind that.
I was listening to CKUT the other day, and they were talking about one of the plays featured in the festival on the show Queer Corps and then in French on the show La Ballade des Furies (the French "interview" was a word-for-word translation of the English one… rather odd, I don’t know how they managed to pull that one off but again, nevermind that).
The play called The Fairies Are Thirsty is about the three stereotypes society attributes to women – a whore, a housewife and the Holy Virgin. These three women are desperately trying to break away from these stereotypes. If I’m not mistaken, the play was written sometime around the early years of the feminist movement in the 60s and 70s, and it was used as flamboyant feminist art. However, it’s uncanny how these stereotypes still persist today. Whatever a woman does, she will always be labeled under one of those three stereotypes.
There’s all these organizations fighting for women’s rights, and civil rights, and fighting racism and ethnophobia and homophobia and about an endless number of them fighting anti-Semitism, but socially, is there really any difference between nowadays and yesterdays?
One of the characters in Queer As Folk, Brian Kinney, says "There are two kinds of straight people in this world – the ones who hate you to your face, and the ones who hate you behind your back." And I think this is true not only for homosexuals but any social groups in this world. This is why we haven’t made any progress. The only steps we’ve taken which could only remotely be categorized as progress are more appropriately categorized as covertness. So homosexuals are still HIV-ridden fags, people of color are still drug-peddling criminals, Jews are still cheap and fat people plotting world domination, and women still serve as sex tools, succubae, baby factories and punching bags.
Democracy has successfully made it illegal to deny the Holocaust and gave women and social minorities the right to vote. But it has unsuccessfully suppressed the voice of chauvinists, anti-Semites, bigots and homophobes in all levels of society. If Bush spent more time on fixing up his own country and less time bombing the living shit out of other countries in the name of "Democracy," maybe this world could be a better place and maybe the list of stereotypes society attributes to women would also include "business women," "president," "fighter pilot," and "Riot Grrrl."
Peace, love, and my lingering belief that democracy is good in essence.

3 thoughts on “Pro-No’s Take to the Streets

  1. Hey George,By the way, I\’m a chick, so you have to say "Ma Shlomech." Nice try though :)And your space appears to be restricted so I can\’t seem to access it. This is why I\’m responding here and not there.Thanks for visiting, come again some time.Hadass.

  2. 😀 Great blog, a few things I\’ll have to say from my own experiences and my own point of veiw, there are 3 types of strait people, the third hates everyone eiqually: strait, bi or gay you all suck, but if your a good person I\’ll give you a chance as long as you dont assume that I really want to know about every little detail. Black, white, Red, yellow or brown,… assholes come in every shape and color,and so do all kinds of other wonderful people.As for woman e.g. a whore, a housewife and the Holy Virgin, I\’ve known em all and they are all out there, including the business woman.Not dont get me wrong but out of the few business woman that I\’ve actually had the pleasure to work with, one 1 out of 5 was there becuase she was good at what she did, I feel all to often its no longer a matter of who is the best one for the job, man or woman, black or white etc, but who will give us the most bragging rights, "Oh we promoted so many, minorities, woman etc, in our company to managers or whatever. The majority should have never made it to the position in the first place, and those that have and are good at it have to defend themselves all the more because of the incompetant peers out there who have been improperly promoted mainly for a companies bragging for jews or any other "quote stereo type" Hell I\’m a jew every now and then I can be a fat cheap bastard out to take over the world… my point being that in the end we are all human and yes differient peoples do have certain things in common, I\’m part native american and really I can see for my self where these stereo types come from to at least a point they are true, so in order to change anything we as people have to change our selves encourage those around us, and raise our children to think differiently, I think in reality other then the things we\’ve learned while growing up we are all the same deep down, so really, hate everyone but accept who they are 😉 thats my four cents

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