I haven’t been writing much lately because there really is nothing going on. As much as my teachers kept telling us that there are always stories out there, and that there will always be subjects that nobody has ever dealt with, somehow I find that impossible at the moment.
In Israel, I never stopped running. Whether it’s running to a meeting, or to an interview or after the bus or whatever, there was always something going on. I never ran out of stories to cover or people to talk to. The current issue would have barely made it to print and we would already be well within the next one. It was stressful yet exciting, and at the end of the day I felt exhausted but fulfilled to the max.
Now, all of a sudden, I felt like I hit a brick wall. All my friends are back to school, working, studying. And I’m in front of L7’s the whole day. That is, squares. Whether is the square screen of the computer or the square screen of the TV. It’s awefully depressing. The weather just makes it worse. It was raining the entire Saturday and it’s still going on now. Everything is gray outside, and allergens are still running wild and my nose runs just as wildly as a result.
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t spend my time vegetating willingly. If I’m in front of the comp the whole day, it’s to look for a job or post my CV or look for story ideas… so far, nothing, as usual. You can’t expect anything more than nothing under those circumstances, with that state of mind and with such weather.
It’s in Israel that I realized that most of our lives we spend waiting and that life is just one long waiting game, but it’s here in Montreal that I actually run out of things to do to kill time and grasp the full scope of what it’s like to wait.
Peace, love, and fuck this explosion-free city.

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