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So in case you haven’t realized by now, I’m back in good old Montreal. My parents were thrilled of course, and they loved all the gifts I got them. They were so happy they got the dog excited and I could just see it on his face that he was also waiting to get a gift… he never did. It broke my heart that I didn’t get him anything considering it’s the least I could do since I missed his birthday. But he was really happy to see me again after a long four months.
For the last couple of days that I was here, I managed to unpack all my shit, watch all the Queer As Folk episodes that I missed which was basically the entire final season, reinstall my computer because of all the bullshit that accumulated on it while I was away, and toke up which I did last night and was probably a mistake because I was still watching Queer As Folk and for sure I had no idea what was going on, much less managed to keep track of the goddam plot. I find the last season had too much talking and too much fucking, but that could have been because of my decreased brain activity last night. I hate listening to people talk when I’m stoned… mostly because I can’t understand what they’re saying but that’s besides the fact. The part about the "too much fucking," there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just that I don’t exactly want my parents to think I’m watching gay porn, because it’s not, although it looks like it at times. But besides that, the final season was great. Too bad it really is the final season though. Personally I think it’s the single gayest show on TV, fuck Will & Grace and Queer Eye For the Straight Guy and all the other politically correct fake homo eunuch shows.
Besides that, since I’m quickly running out of things to do, I’ll start going to the gym again and also talk to some editors and maybe try to land a freelance contract someplace. I’ll make some money, pay back my loan, make some more money and plan my Aliyah.
Wow! For the first time in almost a year, I finally have a clear idea of where I’m heading.
Peace, love and minute of silence for Sept. 11 memorial and for Queer As Folk R.I.P.

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