Missing in Both Senses of the Word

September 1st. Man!
When I got here it was fucking May 10th. Time flies, it’s so scary.
It’s my friend’s birthday today. I have to call her. I bet I’ll forget as I always do, but I’ll write it here so that in case I forget, at least I’ll have some proof that I thought about it. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?
Anyway, I missed so many important dates while I was here in Israel. In Canada, I missed my parents’ anniversary (June 9th), Canada Day (July 1st), my dog’s birthday (July 15th), today my friend’s birthday and, in a couple of days, my dad’s birthday (September 4th). But I got gifts for you guys! Which reminds me, I have to get something nice for my Booxa doggy.
At least I won’t be missing my birthday and the holidays. I will be missing Jerusalem though, but I’m repeating myself…
So tomorrow I’m going to the pool with a couple of my cousins. Until then, I still have to unpack all the stuff I brought with me from Jerusalem. I had such a hard time packing, both physically and emotionally. I was so deeply affected, I felt the sudden urge and overwhelming inspiration for writing some poetry. And I did, but I won’t share it because that’s getting too personal for worldwide online publication. Speaking of which, somebody from the UK googled my full name. If you’re that person, please identify yourself because the curiosity is killing me.Yesterday I saw the final episode of Telenovela Ltd. It was great but the end kinda leaves you hanging a bit. The show is like Days of Our Lives meets Friends mets Queer As Folk all Israeli style. If you like stuff like that and you speak Hebrew, I strongly recommend it. For more info go to:
Anyways, here’s a couple of pics from the show.

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