Weekend and End of Other Things

So I’m in Be’er Sheva right now after 2 shabbats that I wasn’t here. It was fun until now. I played guitar with my cousin after a long time that we didn’t jam together. We played Nirvana’s version of The Man Who Sold the World, and we played FUNSET’s Wake Up, Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters, Oasis’ Champagne Supernova, Fastball’s The Way and The Cure’s Love Song. It was great.
I’m also currently catching up on the episodes of Telenovela Ltd. that I missed. The last episode is this Sunday so I’ll be missing it. But my cousin has this TV thingy that you can watch episodes that you missed as much as you want even if they’re not broadcasted at the moment. It’s called Hot V.O.D. It’s pretty chill.
The last week of my stay here in Israel is coming up, the first week of September and I’ll probably be spending it in Eilat. I hope it works out… But for now, I have a few days left in Jerusalem – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Anyways, back to my telenovela.
Peace, love and the Red Sea on the horizon!

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