Putting the Fun in Funky

So I wrote my MC Karolina story. It came out long but chill, and they’ll be using one of the photos I took so that’s also gonna be chill, but unfortunately it won’t be a cover so that sucks, but it might be mentioned on the cover, so that’s chill. The reason it won’t be a cover was once again because the photos we got were not good enough. Surprise surprise. The Jpost has a serious problem with photos, it’s irritating. Photos for them is either AP or PRs or their one lousy photographer. I wonder if they have any freelance ones. You just can’t say enough bad things about the Jpost when it comes to photos, but hey, somehow they manage at the end.
Still, I’m happy with the way the story came out. Well technically it didn’t come out yet. Once it goes through the copy editor, I’ll know if I like the way it came out or not. The thing is, the editor is nice because we go over the story together and I’m aware of any changes she makes and why she decides to make them, and I can choose to contest it or offer a better way to write something or whatever.
The copy editor on the other hand, is a different story. His second job is a butcher. And that’s what he did to my last cover story. He butchered the lead which was my favorite part of the whole article. The piece was about this festival in Bat Yam, really incredible events and all for free.
I listed in short all the stuff happening in the festival in the lead and at the end of the sentence I wrote: "all this is offered without having the participants retrieve their wallets even once." Or something along those lines. I loved that part, the editor loved that part, but the copy editor apparently didn’t. He underwent the metamorphosis from editor to butcher and cut the whole thing off and replaced it with a plain old boring "all free." This went in the paper before I had a chance to look it over and understand why the fuck he did it.
I was so pissed when I got the printed paper, I took two copies, and in one of them I crossed out the "all free" with my pen and wrote my own sentence in it instead.
He better not mess with any of my colorful sentences in my MC Karolina story because then I’ll seriously lose it.
By the way, I posted some of the pics I took of MC Karolina. Came out rather chill 😛
Peace, love, and  "love, love, peace."

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