My Second Day Off

Last night I saw yet another hilarious stoner movie but it just got me jonesing even more than before. The movie was Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. Two guys on a really bad case of the munchies get into some wacky adventures and become changed men while trying to get to a fast food shack called White Castle.
This morning I had an interview with some dude at 9. Like an idiot, I completely forgot about it and woke up at 10. I felt like a complete failiure until just a couple of minutes ago when I finally got a hold of him and interviewed him. My cell just rang to remind me of something else so I better do it before I forget that too… goddamit.
I also just read the summary of the series finalle of Queer As Folk. I nearly cried. Damn, I can’t believe it’s really over!
Peace, love, and I hate days off…
PS – Music rant:
People have no taste in music. Unfortunately it’s all a matter of just that – taste – so not much can be done about it, but here’s my rant. How is it that most mainstream music sucks ass and that most underground or largely unknown music kicks ass? I don’t have a problem in avoiding stupid music, like not listening to the radio and stuff. But I do have a problem finding good shit. First of all because the music is obscure, second because even when I do find it, it’s so underground that I go broke just by buying the cd. Of course, there’s always Kazaa and Limewire but you know, quality is not always the best and the artwork is not there…
If you feel the same about music, some of my recommendations of good music can be found in "Good Sh!t" music list. The newest added track is "Lion" by Funset. You should really check them out. Here’s an article from the Jpost about MC Karolina, the lead vocalist:
Check out the photo on the bottom. How can you say no to that?
If you have any recommendations of good music, let me know!

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