My Day Off

I finally bought the Funset CD today. It’s as good as I remember it the
first time I heard it. They mix a lot of different genres of music
together – reggae, blues, funk, soul, hip-hop. And the singer is this
Israeli chick and she sings in English and she has this cute little
Israeli accent which makes the music that much more exotic. She’s the
one who sings all the vocals, including a rap in one of the songs. And
the last song is the only one in Hebrew.
Today is my day off, so I wanted to open a file with the income tax
office but I had a couple of problems and missing files so it’ll
basically have to wait until… until… some other time 🙂
Last night, I stayed up late because of my day off. We were on the roof
on a matress, with a nargila and me jamming on my geetara 😛
It was rather chillax. But then, before going to sleep, I had to chase
this mosquito around my room with a bug spray and the little fucker
didn’t die until I choked on that spray.
Still, I woke up this morning with three extra mosquito bites, aside
from the dozens more I have on my feet, hands, legs, hands, and all the
rest. At least I don’t have any on my face.
Anyways, going back to slacking off.
Peace, love, and goddamn Nile virus!

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