Three Concerts and A Weekend

I was a little worried about the hitnatkut (disengagement) stuff
earlier but I think it’ll be fine now. People have to go on with their
everyday lives so I don’t think it’ll be too too crazy around here…
at least I hope not.
And some small group of people began a new color for ribbons – purple.
It’s for Achdut Haam, against hate between brothers and stuff. Instead
of the anti-disengagement slogan "A Jew does not kick out another Jew,"
their slogan is "A Jew does not hate another Jew." So I adopted it as
my take on the political situation of our time.
I think the color is gaining momentum because that’s what everybody is
afraid of right now – civil war. It’s ironic because this weekend was
Tisha Be’av to commemorate the destruction of the Temple. And the
Temple was destroyed because of Sin’at Chinam (hatered among the Jews).
So people are afraid of yet another destruction of the "temple." It’s
freaky, I really hope it’s just a coincidence…
There is the Coolooloosh concert this Friday afternoon at 4, and the
Funset concert the same night at 10. I was waiting for the second
concert for over a month now, ever since I first heard of Funset.
They’re really incredible. Coolooloosh is a fusion band I interviewed
and they’re also really good. They’re both Israeli bands but they sing
mostly in English. Check them out if you get the chance.
I’m planning on saying here in Jerusalem this weekend, so I’ll go to at
least the Coolooloosh concert. The Funset one begins after Shabbat
comes in so I’m still divided over that.
This Thursday, there’s also a concert of another band I want to
interview called The Spices (no connection to the Spice Girls), but
that’s in Tel Aviv and I still have to get tickets, so I’ll see what
happens. Three concerts in one week! I love my job!
Peace, love, and Coolooloolooloolooloooooosh 😛
PS – If you like violent cartoons, I strongly recommend Happy Tree Friends. In my "Cool Links" list below.

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