Hadass Ben-Ari – Better Recognize!

Yet another weekend away from my beloved little Yafo street apartment, and from my even more beloved J-rizzy.
This time it was accompanied by some PMSing but some really great food to relieve the stress such hormonal imbalance usually causes. I spent the weekend at my grandmother’s in Tel Aviv.
The woman is over 90, God bless her soul, when she makes food, she makes magic. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much in my entire life. The appetite could have really been caused by the PMSing but hey, the food was great nonetheless.
I was supposed to go to a Jean Paul Sartre play on Saturday night but God had other plans for me considering it was Tisha Be’av and I was supposed to be staying home fasting rather than going out having fun. The thing is, the show, which was No Exit for all you Sartre fans, was more for work rather than for my own enjoyment. I had no ride for the show and I couldn’t possibly take a cab because I had a shitload of bags and even some food that my grandmother packed for me and I’d be damned if I’d had left it behind. Jees. Homemade Jam dude! Who leaves that behind?
So my plans blew up in my face and with the PMS it was more than I could take so I started crying.
Anyways, needless to say I was absolutely extatic to be back in Jerusalem. I wrote another cover story for Billboard today. Ithink it’s my fourth or fifth. I lost count.
Oh and also, if you google my full name online "Hadass Ben-Ari" you’ll find some of the articles I wrote on the Jerusalem Post website and even some of my earlier articles in Concordia’s student press 😀
I also looked my name up in the Jpost archives which I don’t know if everybody has access to online. 37 entries came up!! 37!!! I’ve been there for two and a half months and I have close to 40 articles! That’s insane! They really use interns, and I couldn’t mind worth a fuck! I love it!
Peace, love, and look me up!

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