Hot Water Hot Weather

Today and yesterday were rather rough. I had a cover story for Billboard and a feature story for the entertainment section of the Jerusalem Post to hand in yesterday and today. I started them at the last minute and it’s kinda not my fault… well, yeah, it is, I just don’t like taking the blame for something that the weather made me do.
It was so goddam hot in Be’er Sheva this weekend that I could literally feel my brain melt so I just wanted to lie on my bed in a pool of water and do shitall instead of working on my articles.
Other than that, last Thursday I went to Ashkelon beach and that was the shit! It was the first time I’ve been to a beach during the night. The water was so hot! We took some pictures so I’ll post them later once my uncle decides to send them to me or something.
One of the articles I wrote was about Yaakov Kirschen, the cartoonist of the Jerusalem Post. He has this new project of fighting antisemitism through humor and comics. He does a mighty good job of it. You should check him out:
Peace, love, and rain in the middle of August??? Only in Jerusalem!

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