God Is In the TV

So the Galil. Right.
Very pretty indeed. I’ve been there twice before and I’ve never been disappointed. I’ve actually been on the same hike too. It’s a 3 to 4 hour long hike in the sweltering heat but then you get to this waterfall and you swim around in freezing cold water and it’s the best feeling in the world.
Then you go back to the bus in wet clothes so it’s not that hot anymore 🙂
With no transition, I realized I totaly miss TV. Up north, we stayed in a Kibbutz and we had TV in our room but half the time I couldn’t watch it because it was Shabbat. Although nobody cared really. Much of the Kibbutz was not very conservative. In our dorms however, we have no TV. So I miss all my favorite Israeli shows, not to mention my Canadian ones.
I’m actually jonesing for Showcase. I completely missed the first season of the L Word. If anyone has any updates on that, please let me know. I’m also missing the fifth season of Queer As Folk which has been my favorite show since it began. So far, the first season has been and remains the best one, but I still like the plot in all the rest. Again, if anyone has any updates on my drop-dead-gorgeous Brian Kinney, let me know.
Besides that, all the movies on Showcase kick ass. Television Without Borders says no to censorship and all the other politically correct bullshit. Showcase represents big time! 😀
And now, for your viewing pleasure, some Queer As Folk pixies (for more of those, go to the Dolls, Icons and Symbols photo album).
Peace, love and the rising tide of GLBT TV.

One thought on “God Is In the TV

  1. Dude! I was looking at your "location" and im like, wtf is Zion square? And THEN i realized its kikar tzion, right? btw the pics are fine on my comp, they have the same resolution as when i look at yours, so i think your comp is f*cked up. I also cant wait for you to come back because i have the most ridiculous stories to tell you, and of course, you know it, it involves unity! Ill post some pics from florida during the next couple days, stay alert!Jon

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