Witty Graffiti

I saw a funny graffiti today and I thought I’d share the laughter with y’all.
You know the whole disengagement story with Gaza and Gush Katif, right? (if you don’t, get out of your isolated world and read more newspapers for fuck’s sake)
So anyways, there are many people here in Israel, and especially in Jerusalem, who are flamboyantly against the disengagement and they have slogans like "A Jew Does Not Kick Out Another Jew," and "העם עם גוש קטיף" ("Haam im Gush Katif – The Nation is With Gush Katif").
So there was a graffiti I saw today on my way to work that read: "Haam im gush hashish," which translates into "the nation is with a pile of hash."
Indeed it is 🙂
Peace, love, and the sticky greens which nobody seems to have…

One thought on “Witty Graffiti

  1. HAHAHA that\’s too funny. Clearly some people think "highly" of themselves to write such graffiti. Well im still in FLorida, and as long as im here, there will be no pics posted! Sorry. But the good news is ill be back home in Montreal, exploring my home towm gush chashish! –Moroccanass

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