Random Updates

Last week I saw a flying roach in our shit-filled kitchen, that was actually flying, helicopter-size roacho. I basically picked a panic attack, screamed like hell, ran for my life, locked myself in my room and sat on my bed rocking myself, shaking like a dried-out leaf. It’s not a joke when I say I’m roach-o-phobic.
I don’t like the French chick in our dorm. She looks like a mouse, asks stupid questions and has the worst accent ever. I think I’ll start talking Quebecois to her just to shove it in her face. And since she asks stupid questions all the time, I’ll answer with stupid answer saying: "Je ne sais pas." Or rather, the Quebecois version: "She po, tabarnac."
Next weekend I’m going to the Galillee in northern Israel. That should be cool. I also went to the Israeli Parliament today (the Knesset) and the Israeli Museum. I saw a big concentration of blue ribbons for the first time in Jerusalem because most people are orange (against the disengagement), blue is for the disengagement. So as a blue-er I took a ribbon from the floor and a poster that fell and reads: "Leave Gaza Now. Peace Now."
Now it’s hanging in my room along with a photocopy of an old Billboard cover with Aviv Geffen on it and an AP photo of guitar god, Slash.
Peace, love, and gotta get me a roacho, not the one I saw…

4 thoughts on “Random Updates

  1. So you\’re in Isreal now? Is there fighting there or is that near the Gaza Strip? Its all complicating that fight!

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